Braking Assist System: What it Means To Your Safety

Braking Assist System: What it Means To Your Safety

When it comes to vehicle technology we are definitely on the road to bigger and better things. Every time we look around vehicle manufacturers are coming out with something entirely new and something even more amazing. One of the best things that they’ve come up with recently is the braking assist system, which is actually a way to increase the level of safety in your vehicle. While it’s not available in every vehicle you’re going to find, it’s definitely an important piece of the puzzle and a big step toward autonomous driving.

This type of braking system actually judges how fast you press the brake and how hard you press the brake. By looking at both of these factors it determines whether you are initiating an emergency stop. If it decides that an emergency stop is necessary it forces the brake pedal down entirely and helps you to perform the stop that you need. This takes some of the pressure off for those who may not otherwise fully apply the brake even when they think that they actually are.

An emergency situation is an extremely anxious one. Someone who is trying to brake to avoid an emergency or an accident or anything else may feel like they are applying the brake fully or they may not be able to apply the brake fully in a fast enough manner. The vehicle, in this situation and with this type of technology, would be able to take care of these things for you and help you to avoid the situation. That doesn’t mean it’s always going to protect you or that you will always be able to avoid an accident, but this type of braking will definitely increase your chances.

The Upgraded Levels

With this system you’re only getting help with applying the brake and you’re only getting that help when you apply the brake first. What that means is you need to be paying attention to apply the brake and you also need to apply it in the right way. If you don’t, the vehicle isn’t going to register what you’re doing and the brake assist isn’t going to kick in. That’s where some of the other systems that are being developed can come in. Things like collision avoidance systems are going to help you even more with avoiding accidents.

Collision avoidance is actually able to apply the brake entirely on its own. That means it doesn’t need input from you and it doesn’t need you even to recognize that there is a problem. This system will recognize it for you and make sure that your vehicle is slowing or even stopping. In some cases it might even be able to swerve and it’s generally going to alert you of the problem with warning lights and sounds as well. All of these things are designed to react as soon as the computer system in the vehicle detects that an accident or collision could occur.

Why It Matters

Why is it important for you to apply the brake fully when there’s an emergency? Because if you don’t you could end up in an accident. The reaction time that an individual has between recognizing a problem in front of them and doing something about it has been studied numerous times and, unfortunately, it can be quite slow. When you throw in the fact that it takes quite a bit of effort to brake all the way and that the brakes themselves are going to give you a type of feedback that’s generally unpleasant you probably aren’t pushing the pedal down as far as you should.

With this type of technology there’s no worry about that because it’s going to do it all for you. You’re still going to get the feedback through the pedal, but you don’t have to worry about how it affects you because the computer system on your vehicle is actually taking care of everything. Keep in mind that it’s only going to detect that there’s an emergency if you’re applying the brake quickly and you’re pressing it down hard. This is considered a ‘panic stop’ and the vehicle will assume that there’s something happening in front of you.

If you have collision avoidance your vehicle will actually be able to ‘see’ the potential danger and react. If you don’t, you’re going to be the eyes of your vehicle and it’s only going to react to what you see and what you do. What’s really amazing is that research has been done that shows this technology really can save you and your vehicle if there’s an emergency situation. At as much as 125 miles per hour this type of technology has been seen to reduce the amount of space you need to stop by as much as 70 feet. That’s definitely going to be a huge improvement and could keep you from hitting another vehicle at all.

Where You’ll Find It

There are a number of different car manufacturers that are currently using this type of technology. Mercedes-Benz and Volvo are the two that are best known, but more and more manufacturers are starting to see the potential benefits and all of the reasons why it’s really going to be an important addition to their vehicles. With all the different types of technology that are continuing to come out this one may not be a surprise, nor will it’s impact on future autonomous driving.

Finding it For Yourself

If you’re looking for a way to get emergency braking on your vehicle at this point you’re going to have to buy one of the vehicles that already has it installed. You’re not going to find aftermarket options right now. But that doesn’t mean they’re not going to be coming. More and more technology is finding its way into aftermarket parts because more and more people want to try it out. After all, if you could get any type of technology that would keep you safer and make sure you’re less likely to get into an accident, wouldn’t you want it?

This type of technology will no doubt eventually find its way to mainstream, but at this point it’s only available on some of the newest vehicles and since not all vehicle manufacturers have it, you’re not going to have all the options that you might want. Even still, there are other types of technology that are similar, like the collision assistance, which could definitely be a good option for you to get on other vehicles as well. Many already have this type of technology.

Will it Work For You?

Overall, ADAS is starting to become more and more popular in all of its forms. It’s starting to become a truly amazing thing in just about any vehicle that you buy, even with all the different methods that it’s being implemented in. Are you going to have a new vehicle that’s equipped with all of the latest technology? If you’re buying something in the near future then chances are you will. Before long, car manufacturers hope to make driving fully autonomous and what that means is each generation of vehicles is going to have more and more technology in it.

In order to make a vehicle autonomous the manufacturers first have to make sure that the vehicle is able to detect accidents or potential danger in at least the same speed as a human, and since machines are far more efficient than humans, they’re making things that are working even faster. That means, possibly for generations before we get autonomous vehicles, we’re going to have vehicles that are equipped with some of the highest quality collision detection systems you could possibly find. That’s going to make it a whole lot safer for you to drive.

No matter what type of vehicle you currently have or what type you’re looking at for the future, you’re definitely going to see some great benefits and you’re going to have some great returns. Keeping you safe in the event of an emergency is definitely what a brake assist system is all about and when you learn how, you’re definitely going to be glad that it’s there. Hopefully, you’re never going to need to use this emergency braking system, but if you do you’re definitely going to be glad it’s there for you. So make sure you know the qualities of your vehicle and its systems. google-site-verification: google1ab2bac902ed9baf.html