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What is a Lane Departure Warning System?

The Importance of a Lane Departure Warning System

This is quite possibly one of the most well-known features of more technologically advanced vehicles. It’s one of the features that we’ve all heard quite a bit about over the last several years and we can definitely see where it would not only be a neat feature to have, but also where it could save lives and make a huge difference in the way any of us drive our vehicles. This is a standard feature on a lot of newer vehicles and it continues to become more and more popular as well.

What is a Lane Departure Warning System?

This type of system is actually really neat because it uses sensors located all over the vehicle to detect where the lines are on the road. It can actually detect lines on both sides of the vehicle and if the vehicle starts to move too much from the center of the lane it will alert the driver. Most of these systems have flashing lights as well as an audible warning that lets the driver know that they are getting too close to a line and that they need to move the vehicle back to the center.

In some vehicles, the warning system actually goes one step further. Some vehicles actually have a system that will physically move the vehicle if it starts to move too far into another lane. This generally happens after the warning has been given and if the vehicle continues to move in an outward direction or if the vehicle doesn’t seem to be moving the way it should. The vehicle can then actually turn the wheel itself to correct the course and get the vehicle back on track. This type of feature is still being tested in some vehicles but it’s also made its way onto the road in others.