Rain Sensory System

A High Tech Rain Sensory System

Cars are becoming more and more advanced every time you even look and that’s definitely creating an amazing experience for drivers in so many ways. Driving has become a whole lot easier to do and it’s definitely becoming a whole lot safer. But sometimes the advent of new technology can outpace what we actually know about it and we may not realize just what features our vehicles even have. That may be the case with the addition of rain sensory systems within a lot of newer vehicles.

What is a Rain Sensory System?

In older vehicles, if it started to rain you would have to turn the windshield wipers on and set them to whatever speed you might want them to perform at. This was the only way that you could get the rain off the windshield and make sure that you could see properly in order to continue driving. But it’s no longer the only method out there. That’s because new technology has allowed car manufacturers to create something entirely different, a rain sensory system. This system is something that can make it even safer and easier to drive in the rain.

With a rain sensory system there’s a special switch or sensor built right into the front of the vehicle. There are two different features to this type of device. The first is part of a protective aspect that keeps the water and the rain out of the vehicle, but what’s really interesting about it is that it also activates the windshield wipers for you. There’s no need for you to be fumbling with the wipers anymore because the vehicle can take care of it for you, making it safer for you overall.

For some vehicles this sensor is even able to remove the water from the cover that’s there to keep dry air in the wave-guides for a satellite communications system. All of these features together means that your car is actually better protected and better prepared in case of rain, which is definitely going to keep you feeling a whole lot better about driving in that rain. After all, if you didn’t have to worry about being able to see you probably wouldn’t be as concerned about driving even when the rain gets a little more intense, right?

Rain Sensor System

The Beginning of a Rain System

Though this is actually a somewhat newer feature, a version of it was actually in effect way back in 1958, when it was invented by Cadillac. Their Eldorado Biarritz was designed as a convertible and that was definitely not a vehicle that you wanted to worry about getting wet on the inside. As a result, the company started working on a way to make sure that if rain started the vehicle would be protected. No one wanted to have to go through the process of putting up the top of the vehicle themselves, right? So they invented a system that would take care of it for them.

The automatic system would close the top of the vehicle and then close windows that were open as well, resulting in a safer vehicle and one that was definitely going to stay dry. It was used again many years later in 1996, but this time was the first time that it was actually applied to windshield wipers instead of to a convertible like the first time. With this application, the sensor could detect when it was raining and could even detect how hard the rain was, so it could adjust the speed of the windshield wipers.

Today, these sensors and these systems are constantly being improved and upgraded. The new method of application, through the use of this ADAS system, means that the windshield wipers are able to detect rain through an infrared light. Rather than having a small piece that can detect the rain, the infrared light actually reflects onto the windshield and can then detect if the glass itself is wet. From there, it can turn on the wipers. This is definitely an interesting feature, but it’s still not fully what it could be and car manufacturers know that.

The Modern System

At this point, some manufacturers, like Tesla, are working on improving the system even more. In fact, they’ve managed to update some of their vehicles so that the camera is actually able to detect if there is rain. This means there’s no additional sensors needed because the camera is already there and already taking care of some of the other functions that the ADAS is responsible for. This means less software, less hardware and even more advanced features, which is definitely going to be the best of all worlds for drivers.

As car manufacturers continue to work with this system and continue to experiment with different methods, there’s no telling what the future of rain sensory systems could actually be. Though there’s not a whole lot more that these sensors can do (since they’re already detecting the rain and the intensity of that rain) there are definitely far more vehicles that these systems could be applied to. The best thing that car manufacturers can do is look for ways to start implementing this system into all of the vehicles in their lineup to make sure that none of their drivers are responsible for turning on or adjusting their windshield wipers.

Why it Matters

You may be wondering just why it’s so important to have automatic systems for windshield wipers at all. It’s not a difficult process to turn them on or to adjust them and most people are able to easily tell when rain has started so they can start them up nearly as fast as the computer in their vehicle. But the most important thing that these systems will do is automate a feature that’s necessary on a vehicle. By automating this feature the driver doesn’t need to pay attention to the rain, the wipers or another switch on their vehicle. What this does is make everyone a little safer.

Every time a driver takes their mind or their eyes off the road for even a split second there is a chance that something could happen. Someone could be injured or killed in just that instant of time and that’s why it’s so important to take care of as many features as possible and to come up with ways to remove all forms of distraction. By automating windshield wipers the driver doesn’t need to worry about that switch and by automating the speed of those wipers they don’t have to constantly adjust the tempo of the wipers.

These two features together are going to make it easier for a driver to see where they’re going and without having to worry about adjusting anything themselves. Just like with the other ADAS that car manufacturers and others have been working on, this one is designed to make the process of driving easier and safer. For those vehicles that have this, it’s also making things a whole lot more convenient for the driver. Even removing the safety aspect, it’s something that the driver just plain doesn’t have to do, and who wants one more thing to worry about anyway?

Getting Repairs Done

Keep in mind that more electronics for your vehicle means that there is even more importance placed on getting the right professional to take care of your vehicle. These more advanced features mean that many older style mechanics are being pushed out to make way for those who understand and can fully work on the technology and the computer systems in the vehicles. Make sure the mechanic or repair person that you’re going to knows all about the computer system in your vehicle and can work on these features rather than repairing your vehicle like it has normal wipers or sensors or anything else.

Wrapping it Up

Rain sensory systems are definitely part of the futuristic technology that many of us use every day and they’re going to be an even bigger part as different types of technology continue to grow and develop. More and more people will definitely be able to utilize features like this as their vehicles start to develop even more advanced ADAS. It’s all about the future and the technology that all of us are working toward. Before we know it, our vehicles are going to be fully automated and they’re definitely going to be self-driving, but along the way we’ll have a number of different stops.

These systems are one of those stops along the way to full automation. They’re also one that, while simple seeming, is definitely going to make a huge difference in the way that we drive and the way we enjoy our vehicles. As everything about our cars continues to advance it means that there will be important features to repair and it will be even more important for you to locate skilled professionals to take care of the electronics of your vehicle. Make sure you’re careful about everything your vehicle needs.

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