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You may feel that small rock chip in your windshield is not a huge deal. First, the chip is not in the line of sight and therefore it does not bother you when you are driving, so it should be okay right?


But the truth of the matter is, that rock chip will grow. Changes in air pressure and temperature can lead to rock chips or cracks to cause more damage on your windshield. You could have fixed the small chip at a small fee, but if you ignore it now, you have to shoulder for the whole cost of replacing your windshield.


It is just not you. Actually, many drivers often wait to fix chips and cracks on before seeking a professional glass specialist before attempting to fix windshields.



Windshields are constructed with two pieces of glass and a piece of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between them. This is known as laminate glass.

How does laminated glass get damage?
The most common way laminated glass gets damaged is when an object strikes
the glass. This is called impact. Most commonly known as rock chip damage.

The PVB helps to keep the glass from shattering into many small pieces. When breakage in a windshield occurs, an air gap or crack can open up. Debris, water and fluctuating temperatures can cause the damage to become greater.

After damage is repaired, there is generally a remnant of the damage that still is visible to the naked eye. This is called a cosmetic blemish.


The first step is to drill the outer windshield layer to remove air from the impact point break either by vacuum or displacement


The second step consists in filling the break with resin. 
Resin is an organic (carbon-based) material that seals the break when it is cured.


The last step is to cure the break with an UV resin. This process will improve the optical clarity of the damaged area and stop the damage from spreading.
And Voila!


At our goal is to provide you with windshield repair cost and quality that will not break the bank while saving you the need to ask how much is to replace a windshield?


With Comprehensive Insurance


Windshield Chip Repair



Windshield Chip Repair*

Add $10

*2nd repair applies to same vehicle

The repair is guaranteed not to spread as long as you own the vehicle or we will credit you the amount paid towards the cost of a new windshield installed by us.


  • Windshield repair does not break the original seal of the windshield.​


  • Windshield repair saves time. A repair takes 30 minutes or less 

  • Windshield repair saves money. 


  • Windshield repair is environmentally friendly​


  • Windshield repair is usually covered by the comprehensive insurance policies​​​


  • Zero down time​


  • Zero aftercare required


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1. Prevent more windshield costs in the future


Some drivers, upon seeing they have issues with their windshield, decide against fixing them because they thought repairs can cost an arm and leg. But in many cases, windshield repair, especially involving minor issues, are generally affordable at least compared with major repair or complete replacement.


While a lot of auto insurance policies may offer shouldering windshield replacement costs, they need a deductible and therefore may add on to your premiums.


In addition, authorities may hold you responsible for additional costs if your damaged windshield violates any local or state laws and leads to a citation. Aside from dealing with a fine for your citation, you may have to pay additional insurance premiums because of the mark on your record, just because of a windshield.

2. Follow your warranty terms


Many drivers try to reduce the overall expenses of vehicle maintenance by taking several automotive tasks such as changing the oil or adjusting tire pressure by themselves. While some of these tasks can be done at home, it is not recommended that you do windshield repairs on your own.


One good reason for not attempting to repair your windshields is you will void the warranty that covers them.

3. Reduce the possibility of damage expansion


Windshield damage often appears small at first. In many cases, rock chips look they are just small dents and should not be problematic. But actually, windshield damage has the capacity to expand, especially when season or temperature changes.


Expansion, such as a chip turning into a web of small cracks, can completely alter the situation for your car. A ding glass, at any time, can turn into a huge crack. The longer time you delay you fix ding windshield, the chances of greater or wider damage are very high.

Your repairs may become pricier or your car’s windshield may need complete replacement. If the windshield damage spreads, getting a new one would probably cost hundreds of dollars.


The best way to address this is to consult an automotive glass professional and have the windshield chip repaired as quickly as possible.


4. Making sure your windshield is repaired on the first attempt


A good repair professional should be able to fix your problem in no time at all. A professional will make sure the repair is done on the first attempt, unlike say, if you do it by yourself. Professionals have the training, materials, and equipment needed to assess, conduct inform decisions, and fix your windshield damage correctly, without any additional risks or delays. 

5. For your safety and your passengers


Probably the glaring concern why you should have your windshield damage repaired is view obstruction. But in many cases, drivers wrongly think if a chip is not too huge or a crack is not in front of them directly, the damage will not lead to a problem.


But this tendency of some drivers to postpone windshield repairs may cause risky or problematic driving situations due to glares possibly thrown off the crack’s edges or awkward sitting positions just to avoid looking through the windshield damage.


6. Protect the car’s structural integrity


While a minor chip or crack may not affect the car structure, moderate to huge windshield damage may. In truth, the windshield offers two purposes: helping you see the road completely despite various weather conditions, and at the same time holding up a huge portion of the weight of the roof of your car.


If your vehicle gets windshield damage because of a collision, say against another car or involving pedestrians, there are pretty huge chances the glass damage would affect the car’s structural integrity and therefore compromise your safety and that of your passengers.


A windshield gives as high as 35 percent of the structural strength of car. In an accident or crash, windshield supports the car’s roof, helps deploy the airbags, and hinders you or your passengers being thrown from the car.


A glass expert can assess the likelihood of your glass damage’s structural consequences, particularly long spiderweb cracks. Automotive glass professionals can help drivers decide if repairs will be able to provide the structural support your car needs while you and your passengers drive on the road.


7. Windshield repair is good for the environment too


Compared with replacing уουr windshield entirely, repairing glass damage іѕ more environmentally friendly.


Because of the process by how they are produced, windshields in most cases are difficult to be recycled. That is why discarded windshields end piling up in landfills. Repairing windshield rock damage or chips may be able to indefinitely extend the lifespan of the windshield.


If you like to have your windshield restored, with lower costs, and want to help save Mother Earth, it is high time you consult an automotive glass professional to repair your damaged windshield.


A permanent solution to your windshield damage problem


Chips happen all the time but they can be quickly fixed at a minimal cost.

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